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Now get fit anywhere with the safest, most versatile free-weight ever!

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Discover The Possibilities


 This equipment has been developed for maximum functionality. Once you begin to use Body Plates you quickly begin to discover the endless possibilities you now have available at your fingertips. In addition to being compatible with resistance bands, and both olympic and standard style barbells, this free-weight is amazingly easy to use. The four handle and three-hole design allows for quick safe handling with an array of options for finding your ideal movement and comfort zone.  

Experience The Freedom


  Now you can experience the freedom to exercise how you want, where you want and when you want. No need to pay ridiculous amounts of money on personal trainers, overcrowded sweaty gyms or bulky equipment that take up half your living space. Whether you prefer the living room, the office or on vacation at the cottage Body Plates’ slim compact design are perfect for transporting and storing just about anywhere. Behind a door, under the couch or in the trunk you’re always ready to feel great.

Unleash The Potential


Getting comfortable with Body plates will happen fast. Before you know it you’re a master, now you are seamlessly transitioning from muscle to muscle utilizing a multitude of movements and angles. Pushing yourself to accomplish more with every new workout. As you continue to progress your endurance will increase, every muscle in your body will tone and strengthen burning the cellulite around it while building a stronger heart and lungs. Unleashing the potential that is within every body.

Highly functional

"...I really liked it, It was really easy to use! "

Design breakdown of Body Plates weight plate.

plate breakdown

Body Plates provide maximum versatility for a fast, safe and highly effective full-body workout. The durable coating resists impact, moisture and corrosion. A sensible solution that will help keep you on track for a very long, healthy and happy lifestyle.